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Find Local Suppliers Quickly and Easily

The Spotted App has been deliberately designed to connect consumers and businesses as quickly and as fairly as possible. If you're looking for a service, simply type in your requirements and you'll instantly see the details of all the businesses in your area that can help, in order of location only. There is no sponsorship or advertising, or certain businesses being given special treatment. Every business is treated in the same way, meaning that you'll get unbiased results allowing you to make your own decisions about what service is best for you.

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Did you know?

The Spotted App was created in early 2020, it was designed and developed to help local communities connect with each other in a fair, affordable way.



Our values

We have many core values surrounding this app, but we are most passionate about being fair. We genuinely care about our community and the people in it, and it’s all too often that the ones who need the most help are unable to get it – which is why we wanted to give local businesses an equal opportunity to promote their business through the app. We are also helping the consumer to make their own choice about the suppliers they use, and as we list the closest businesses as the top choices, we are naturally encouraging them to source locally.

Forget social media algorithms and Unfair and Biased listings – The Spotted App will connect you directly with businesses in your local area in a matter of seconds.

Support locally – together we can build a better community!